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What is an Information Service?

A very simple definition is: An Information Service is a service, which provides (serves) data/knowledge/information somehow. However, this definition is not strong enough to describe the range and domain of an Information Service. Therefore, it is necessary to define the … Continue reading


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Info Service Ontology SVN Repository and Mailing List

The Info Service Ontology has now an own SVN repository and a mailing list for discussion. Feel free to join the developing process or leave comments/suggestions/critics. You are welcome 😉 Cheers, Bob

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Welcome to the Info Service Ontology

It was initially a Music Ontology issue (see MO mailing list discussion), later a FOAF Ontology issue (see FOAF mailing list discussion 1 and 2) and now even with a broader scope 😉 (please click on the image to enlarge … Continue reading

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