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A description of Info Service Ontology related thing.

On Resources, Information Resources and Documents

It is crucial to understand the relationships of how the Web tries to describe and represent, or model, the world it is a part of. This is especially critical, since the most recent step of the evolution of the Web … Continue reading

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Info Service Ontology Namespaces, Domains and Prefixes

For representing the different issues of the Info Service Ontology, it was necessary to assign several namespaces/domains, which are the following ones:   includes the core ontology specification   preferred prefix: is   the domain, which should be used for defining is:InfoServiceType individuals   preferred prefix: … Continue reading


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What is an Information Service?

A very simple definition is: An Information Service is a service, which provides (serves) data/knowledge/information somehow. However, this definition is not strong enough to describe the range and domain of an Information Service. Therefore, it is necessary to define the … Continue reading

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